Enrollment Process

Students and parents must complete an application to request enrollment in the 21st Century Academy with their assigned district home school. The home school guidance counselor and principal or designee must approve and sign the application to continue the process.

The application will be reviewed by the district transition committee to ensure eligibility criteria are met. After approval by the committee, a meeting will be scheduled with the student and parent to develop an Individual Learning Plan before or during enrollment at 21st Century Academy.

An Individual Learning Plan - Alternative (ILPA) will be developed collaboratively by those involved in the placement, evaluation, monitoring, and transition of the student. Students and parents, administration from both schools, and outside agencies may be involved in developing this plan. Students will be required to master rigorous curriculum and follow all district requirements set by the Christian County Board of Education. All students' academic progress will be monitored through formative and summative assessments; attendance will also be monitored and reviewed in transition meetings.